Episode 3

Published on:

4th Dec 2020

The History and Science of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality may seem like a new technology, but forms of immersive experience have a long history during which scientific and imaginative aspects often developed hand in hand. Host Amanda Anderson talks with a humanities scholar (Massimo Riva) and a cognitive scientist (Fulvio Domini) about their collaborative teaching project on the history and science of virtual reality, part of a larger initiative at Brown University in the collaborative humanities.

Transcript | Spring 2020 Student Projects Video

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Amanda Anderson is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Humanities and English and Director of the Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University. She has written a number of books on modern literature and culture as well as contemporary debates in the humanities. Her most recent books include Psyche and Ethos: Moral Life after Psychology (Oxford, 2018), Bleak Liberalism (Chicago, 2016), and The Way We Argue Now: A Study in the Cultures of Theory. She is currently leading an initiative at Brown that promotes collaborative teaching and research across and beyond the humanities disciplines.